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Fastfeed Plus

A digital feed controller that delivers fast precise rations at a touch of a button

Features -

  • 12 volt D.C. or 24 volt D.C. versions available.
  • Standard version for ration only feeding or Memory version for cow memory feeding.
  • Controls up to 12 stalls per side.
  • Auger feeder or pulse type feeder modes.
  • Automatic single shot enticement.
  • Individual stall calibration.
  • Batch feed with only two buttons.
  • Left or right side feeding selector switch.

The FASTFEED Plus control unit provides a versatile and simple to use feeding solution for your milking parlour. The ration model allows the operator to select cow rations at a touch of a button before autoincrementing to the next available stall. The memory model allows the user to input cow numbers and retrieve pre-programmed feed amounts.

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Single Transformer Wiring Diagram

Dual Transformer Wiring Diagram

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