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Our top of the range digital feed controller combines an easy to use interface with powerful features.

Features -

  • 12 volt D.C. transformer for electronics included.
  • 9999 Cow record capacity.
  • Feeds up to 40 stalls per side.
  • Feed both sides simultaneously.
  • Automatic identification control. Available NOW!
  • Automatic single shot enticement.
  • Individual stall calibration.
  • Manual batch feed.
  • Feed at once with Quick-Feed feature.

The Multi-C1 control unit provides the user with a complete all round solution to in-parlour feeding. The Multi-C1 can be configured to be used as a manual ration feeding system or a cow memory feeding system with the capability to connect to automatic id hardware. The Multi-C1 controller works in conjunction with our remote 20 channel feeder interface unit.

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