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ECR Compact

Simple automatic cluster removal control unit bursting with
features only found on high end milking control units.

Features -

  • Operates on either 12 volts D.C. or 24 volts D.C.*
  • Fully adjustable initial and end of milking delays.
  • Fully adjustable milk probe sensitivity**.
  • Pulsation control with adjustable rate, ratio and stimulation.
  • Milk sweep and manual mode power-up options.
  • Cluster ram, shut-off valve and pulsation outputs fully protected***.
  • Distributor customisation.

The ECR Compact builds upon years of experience in manufacturing reliable and functional automatic cluster removers (ACR) for the OEM market. The main control unit provides the basic functionality of an ACR plus additional functions only found in more expensive ACR controls, these include pulsation control with stimulation, milk sweep, manual mode start-up for washing and low power mode.

* Maximum peak supply voltage 26 volts D.C.
** Units factory pre-set to 8K Ohms, suitable for Interpuls HFS sensor.
*** Individual outputs are current limited to 5 Amps. Total controller load must not exceed 5 Amps.

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