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Liquid Level Control

Liquid Level Control unit reliably controls your milk pump and plate
cooler water valve using a microprocessor circuit.

Features -

  • Two modes of operation - either top/bottom probe automatic or two probe/float milk pump timer.
  • Adjustable milk pump delay (1 to 100 seconds) when using 2 probes or float mode.
  • Adjustable plate cooler water valve delay (0 to 50 seconds).
  • Adjustable probe sensitivity to prevent milk froth false triggering.
  • 10 Amp thermal overload trip for milk pump.
  • Mains voltage contactor configured to single phase but can be used for three phase*.
  • Manual switch operates milk pump and plate cooler continuously.

*Three phase maximum load is 3hp (2.2KW), additional protection will be required.

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